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Elegant Themes Coupon Code

Elegant Themes Coupon Code

Reveal the Elegant Themes Coupon Discount

Elegant Themes Review

If you are looking for quality WordPress themes that will provide your website with looks that represents integrity and professionalism, then Elegant Themes Discount is the right choice for you. Each of the theme design is created to provide elegance and at the same time simplicity. Since websites are not just considered a tool but a reflection of who you are, then it is better to make it into something that would incorporate your personality but not in an overdone way. The goal of this site is to provide users with themes that are user friendly, stylish and easy to customize to fit individual online needs.

Once you joined Elegant Themes Coupon, you will be allowed to access to all templates for only $39. When you purchase a theme, you will automatically become a member. It was designed to be compatible with WordPress and its latest versions. It also works with any available browsers. Maximum functionality is also given importance that is why each template is created to perform flawlessly. Each theme also includes widget ready sidebars for convenience. All themes are with valid XHTML and CSS codes.

Each theme also has ePanel theme options that are fully functional. All Elegant Themes are packed with useful features. Here’s what you can expect:

  • General Settings – allows users to have full control on the basic functions of the theme, from layout customization, theme color choices, and sliders.
  • Layout Settings –  allow users to modify theme layouts and provides options to turn on/off and customize the size of thumbnails, as well as manage comments section of posts.
  • Element Colorization – even newbie can easily change color scheme of any components using the jQuery color selector.
  • Integration Tab – this is a section or integration field in ePanel that allows users to include their own third party scripts into the theme. No need to use footer.php.
  • Navigation Management – allows total control to the navigation menus including dropdown menus and many more.
  • Advertisement Management – mostly for managing your advertisements. This allows customization of ads size and has slots provided for advertisements alone.
  • Search Engine optimization – total control on Meta tags, keywords and descriptions using the ePanel option. Avoiding duplicates on content filters is also possible with canonical URLs.
  • Support Documentation – troubleshooting instructions and guides for each particular theme. Also on this tab are the readme files and instructional videos for every theme.

Because of its features and functions, page templates, language translations and short codes, Elegant Themes are fully customizable which gives convenience and easy to follow instructions which will make newbie become a professional website designer.

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